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Modern Warfare on the PlayStation Store in Russia •



Sony has decided not to sell Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on the PlayStation Store in Russia, Activision has said.

A tweet from the Sony Russia account broke the news, and a statement from Activision issued to Eurogamer then confirmed it. In the statement, Activision revealed it was Sony that made the decision, confirmed Infinity Ward’s shooter will be sold digitally in Russia on PC and Xbox, and stressed Modern Warfare “is a fictional game”.

Here’s the statement in full:

“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a fictional game that has been thoughtfully created to entertain fans and tell a compelling narrative. Sony Interactive Entertainment has decided not to sell Modern Warfare on the PlayStation Store in Russia at this time. We look forward to launching Modern Warfare digitally in Russia on 25 October on PC via and on console via Xbox.”

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a soft reboot of the famous first-person shooter franchise, and, according to marketing material, promises to tell a gritty, authentic story. It revolves around a terrorist organisation that gets its hands on chemical weapons, and the subsequent effort to prevent an attack. During the game’s child level, you play a young girl called Farah who’s caught in the middle of a Russian bombing campaign on her Middle Eastern city. A Russian soldier ends up murdering her father. In turn, you as the young girl kill the Russian soldier. For more on that, check out Emma’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare preview.

In the story, Farah goes on to become the founding member and commander of the Urzikstan Liberation Force, battling Russian occupation. From Activison’s blog: “Labeled a terrorist organisation by the Russian government for their long-standing resistance, Russian soldiers are ordered to make no distinction between the terror group Al-Qatala and the liberation fighters under Farah’s command.”

Call of Duty is no stranger to a Russian villain, of course. In fact, the main antagonist of the original Modern Warfare was a Russian ex-arms dealer turned ultranationalist party leader. So why prevent this new Modern Warfare from going on sale on the PlayStation Store in Russia now? And why has this happened on just one platform?

We’ve asked Sony for comment.

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Defensive minds convening upon Georgia Tech for ‘summit’



In the search for improved schemes and tactics, Georgia Tech coach Geoff Collins will bring together defensive coaches from several teams, including the Falcons, to present and trade ideas Wednesday at Tech.

The practice of bringing together coaching staffs from multiple schools to talk strategy is common in the offseason. Collins held a similar “summit,” as he called it, when he was at Temple.

“It’s really, really good, because you get to sit in a room with a bunch of other guys that have different takes on different things and you sit there (and say), ‘Here’s what we’re seeing in our league. Do y’all see it?’” Collins told the AJC. “’What’s some good things that you do with it?’ So it’s a good sharing of ideas, and it’s really good for the young coaches on the staff.”

Besides the Falcons, Collins said that defensive coaching staffs from Texas, South Carolina, Indiana, Georgia Southern, Navy, Central Michigan and Jacksonville State will attend. A notable name on the guest list among college coaches is new Texas defensive coordinator Chris Ash. Before his three-plus seasons as Rutgers’ head coach, Ash was co-defensive coordinator at Ohio State, where he helped the Buckeyes win the 2015 national championship and led a defense that finished second nationally in scoring defense the following season.

Collins said that defensive coordinator Andrew Thacker will give a presentation, and new Falcons defensive line coach Tosh Lupoi likely will present, as well. Lupoi came to the Falcons from the Cleveland Browns, where he held the same title, and before that was defensive coordinator at Alabama.

Tech can use ideas. While the Temple ranked among the top units in the American Athletic Conference in Collins’ two seasons with the Owls, the Jackets were among the weakest in the ACC last season.

“I think we’ve done a really good job playing some high-level defense over the years and kind of have a good reputation, and some really good programs are coming to share ideas with us,” Collins said. “I think it’s really good.”

Collins did not fail to mention that breakfast would be provided by a Waffle House food truck.